The truth about word of mouth marketing

The Truth About Word Of Mouth Marketing

attracting dream clients audience business growth ideal client Sep 02, 2022

Referrals work.

Having friends, family and past clients send prospective new clients your way can result in new projects and more revenue for your business.

However, pinning all your hopes on referrals alone means you’re completely reliant on others to come up with new leads for your business.

Here’s the 'not-so-brilliant' reality of relying solely on word of mouth marketing:

➡️ No consistency to your lead generation, meaning…

➡️ Constant anxiety about when or where the next lead is coming from.

➡️ No control over your marketing, meaning…

➡️ No control over your messaging.

➡️ No marketing strategy, meaning…

➡️ No ability to leverage proven marketing systems when you want to generate new enquiries.

And this is where the business starts to wobble.

Without new enquiries there are no new projects.

Without new projects there are no sales.

And without sales we don’t have a business.

I speak to countless designers who view marketing as some boring/ terrifying/ expensive/ unnecessary dark art they would rather leave well alone.

But would you rather leave the success of your business in the hands of others..

Or have a marketing strategy that puts you in control?

I know what I’d rather do.

And you can be sure that even if you’re not marketing your business there are others who are marketing theirs.

When prospective clients are ready to press ‘go’ on their project, who do you think will be top of mind


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