Private Coaching With Katy

My six month 1:1 private coaching is for designers who want the highest level of proximity to me. 
You are committed to your business, you know my vibe, and you're ready to go all-in to create the life-changing personal and business growth you know is within reach.
I work with a limited number of dream clients every year.
To see if you are a great fit -

I am passionate about supporting ambitious interior designers to transform their business and step into their power as a leader.

You know you can go further...

When it comes to designing you’re a natural. Your clients love you and the transformations you create for them.


But when it comes to the business side of things you know there's work to do. 


You're over-worked, your income has stalled, you haven't got the right systems in place, and you're overwhelmed by the challenge of building and nurturing a team whilst delivering brilliant and beautiful designs for your clients...

You are ready for the coaching & support that will enable you to rise and become the creative leader you know you can be.

Hold on, let's back up...

Here's why you're not where you want to be:

Currently, your reality may look something like this....
  • You've got enquiries coming in and you're doing some great work but often there's a catch - the budget isn't quite enough or your clients' idea of "collaboration" means calling and texting you at all hours.
  • You’re all over Instagram but you don’t know how to move people from liking your posts to hiring you for their project.
  • You go into sales calls and pitches with a “please let them like me” mindset, rather than powerfully positioning yourself as the expert authority you truly are.
  • You’re spending so much time in client delivery, running from one thing to the next, you’re not allowing yourself time to take stock of what’s working and what’s not.
  • You haven’t built the systems and processes your business needs to stop you from being the bottleneck.
  • Every fee proposal feels like a shot in the dark - you're pricing by guesswork, over-delivering, and later realising you’ve undercharged. Again.
  • Projects that appeared to have clearly defined boundaries when you started them seem to run on and on and there’s never any more money to pay for the additional time you’re putting in.
  • Your income feels inconsistent and some months you’re paying your team more than you’re paying yourself. While others are talking about quarterly revenue goals, you’re still trying to get your head around how much you’ve earned and what you can afford to pay yourself.
  • You have moments where you feel unstoppable, and that you have everything inside you to become the leader of a world-class design studio, only to fall back into self-doubt and uncertainty once again.

I get it - I really do.

When I ran my interior design studio I experienced each and every one of those things.

And nothing changed until I committed to learn what I didn't know, stop letting fear hold me back, and be intentional about building freedom into my business:
  • I got clear on my values, the type of work that lit me up, and who my ideal client was and wasn’t.
  • I began focusing my time and energy on the things I’m great at and delegating the things I’m not.
  • I created systems that freed up my time, allowing me to focus on the bigger picture.
  • I learned how to look at my finances so I could see exactly how much revenue I’d need to bring in every month to hit my goals.
  • I decided to stop letting self-doubt take over, choosing growth over staying in my comfort zone.
And now I’m on a mission to support you to create the business you want, with:
Magnetic Marketing | Profitable pricing | Clients that are ready and excited to work with you, in YOUR way | Dream team in place |
Creativity flowing | Systems that work hard, so you don’t have to | A schedule that works for YOU.

"The work we did was totally life changing."

Private Coaching Client

 From the moment we begin working together you will start:
  • Feeling in control about your revenue and finances.
  • Making bigger and braver decisions that previously you would’ve spent weeks agonizing over. Now you’re moving faster and with more certainty.
  • Understanding your uniqueness and the value you deliver for your clients at every stage of their project.
  • Feeling like the leader of a thriving creative business. Lighting up when friends ask you what's you're working on and how it’s all going.
  • Working in flow - creating time for strategy and ‘bigger picture’ work, maximizing your creative energy, and feeling totally clear on where your focus needs to be each week.
  • Falling back in love with your clients and delivering the kind of show-stopping transformations they can't thank you enough for.
  • Having fun again. Now you've got clear about the things you love doing, you're intentionally making time for them in your schedule.
  • Feeling lighter and freer. Noticing new energy and excitement for what’s unfolding. 

If you're ready for 1:1 support - 

The only reason you haven’t reached that ‘next level’ is because you haven’t strengthened the foundations,
unlocked the right strategies, and cultivated the mindset required to grow.

Let's work on this together.

When you work with me 1:1  you get access to:

  • 10 x 60 min deep-dive coaching sessions on zoom. You pick the days & times that work for you.
  • Mon-Fri email & voicemail access to me, for support whenever you need it, in between our calls.
  • Feedback on your website/ marketing materials/ fee proposals/ hiring materials & anything else you'd like me to look at.
  • Access to all trainings and materials in my business library, including my signature Aligned For Growth program modules.
6 months of working with me, with the highest proximity to my wisdom, perspective and expertise. 

Together, we're going all-in on your business.

6 Payments of


1 Payment of


Prices are + VAT for UK Clients.

What will we talk about?

In 1:1 we cover so much ground. Business and life - entwined.  This is why private coaching is so powerful.


You will have full access to my powerful Aligned For Growth coaching program, where I walk you through how to set solid foundations for a profitable interior design business.  This is all the 'how to' strategy you need.  


But working with me privately you also have the benefit of 1:1 coaching and mentoring from me while you make changes, deal with the day-to-day challenges, overturn old ways of thinking and believing that no longer serve you, and rise in your power as a leader.


 The work we do together will be driven by your goals for your business (within the wider context of your life) and from the jump we create the space to draw breath, take a bird’s eye view of the business and feel into what you truly desire. 
Then we create the strategy that will get you there.


 During our time together I will hold space for you to unpack issues as they arise, provide the accountability you need, be a sounding board, a safe space to land and a supportive place to build from. 

What my 1:1 clients have said about coaching with me:

When I sit and reflect on how far I’ve come since before we met it’s absolutely mind boggling. The curve balls I've dealt with, the higher fees I’m now bringing in - you’ve totally accelerated me and given me that inner confidence. I’ve stepped up and I feel like I’m in love with my business again, now I’m finally getting remunerated for my skills and expertise. And there’s been a gear change in me mentally - how I deal with things - this is all your doing. You’re allowing me to be this person that was in me all along but that I hadn’t been bold enough to become. Thank you - you’re truly amazing at what you do.

S, Surrey

Katy’s experience in the interior design industry meant we hit the ground running. Within the first session she had ‘figured me out’ and understood my core values.  She quickly looked past my professional façade and identified my issues with fees & pricing, skilfully helping me to rewire my mindset and negative associations with the word ‘profit’.  Her style & approach makes Katy the best business coach I've worked with. She expertly led me to find answers from within and acknowledge my self worth & commercial value. I would highly recommend Katy, especially for an Interior Designer looking to rethink their mindset and take their business to the next level."

R, London


Hey, I'm Katy.

I absolutely LOVE working in high proximity with my private clients. When we work together 1:1 like this your business becomes my business - you get my eyes on all of it - from demystifying the strategy to bringing about the powerful mindset shifts that create the biggest transformations. 
I know you want clear guidance, support and accountability to create the business you've always dreamed of - fast.
I also know you want results - with more clarity, more confidence and more cash flowing into your business.   
If you're ready to be supported in this way, the first step is to book a business consultation with me. 


With private coaching you're in my heart and mind.
I will encourage, challenge and support you to make more money in your business, sure.
But often the biggest growth is not about numbers.  
Together we're going to be playing for levels of personal power and success that you've scarcely dared dream of.

Is private coaching for you?

* You're already building your interior design business - you've got clients and projects are underway, money is coming in.  It's FINE.  But you know in your heart that, with the right coaching, there is so much further you can go.
* You know you're being held back by the lack of a clear strategy, possible (probable) undercharging, and wobbly boundaries.
* You're tired of watching others achieve the success and recognition you know you are capable of.  This is your time.
* You're coachable, resourceful, and ready to be supported in taking your business beyond what you ever thought possible. 

This is probably not for you if...

* You're not willing to show up, go deep, and do the work to refine and grow your business.
* When you think about investing in your business your mindset is "what if it doesn't work?", rather than seeing the potential for growth.
* You enjoy holding a victim mentality and blaming life / other people for where you are, rather than taking radical responsibility for moving yourself forward.
* You want someone else to make all the decisions and essentially do the work for you.
You love designing but deep down you know business ownership is not for you.

Limited spots available

I place a high value on my time and expertise. I also value providing the highest level of support to my private clients.
As such I only take on a select number of dream 1:1 coaching clients at any one time. 
Right now, in 2023, I have a limited number of spots available by application only. 
The first step is to book a business consultation with me. 



PS - in case these thoughts are feeling familiar...

Are you in?

I’m thrilled you’re interested in working together!

I offer a free Business Consultation to designers who are ready to explore working together 1:1.  You can let me know more about your goals and the challenges you’re currently experiencing and you’ll get clarity on the key things you need to be focusing on right now to get to the level of success you desire.

Here's the thing.


We're surrounded by the message that running an interior design business means stress, sacrifice, and burnout.


And while it's not without its challenges, I’m here to support you in growing your impact and your income, in a way that works for you.
I will mentor you through everything I know about scaling a business and will bring the creative insights and coaching techniques to expand your mindset & transform your reality.
If I’ve learned anything it’s that taking a leap forward doesn’t happen by accident. You need to grow the self awareness, cultivate the right mindset and commit to doing the things that shine a light on your talents, magnetise new opportunities and build your self belief (along with your profits).

Let's do this together  -