How well do you know your ideal clients?

Aug 04, 2022

How well do you know your ideal clients? 

And when I say ‘know’, I’m not talking about surface-level information like their age, location or favourite sport. I’m referring to a deeper understanding of their psyche.

When designers come to me, frustrated that their marketing or sales activities aren't converting into actual new projects, it’s often because their approach reflects the disconnect they have with the reasons why their ideal client would hire them.

Our job as service business owners is to know and understand what our ideal clients truly desire. What they're afraid of. What's really driving their decision-making.

We need to understand their hopes and dreams. The life they envision for themselves. What experiences they've had in the past that have brought them to us. Why they would hire us over any other designer.

The deeper you go, the greater the connection you are able to create and the more you're able to position yourself as the expert they've been looking for. You're no longer simply refurbishing their space, you're creating the backdrop to the life they are dreaming of.

This is how you move from being one of many to becoming the obvious choice.

People want connection - your ideal client is looking for a designer that aligns with their values - someone they trust to deliver the outcome they want, and make the journey of getting there a good one.

How will you show them you hear and understand them, and that you will deliver?  

Because this is how you transition from "urgh, I have to do some marketing again" to getting out there and confidently talking about your services, knowing that you have skills, experience and creative solutions that can help your prospective clients.

This is just one small part of what I'm teaching in Aligned For Growth - my 16-week LIVE group coaching program that gives you the foundations, the strategy and the confidence you need to build your dream interior design business.

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