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How to Stop Building Your Business on Sand

audience business growth ideal client Jul 18, 2022

You know how the story goes...
There are two builders.
The foolish one builds their house upon sand, the wise one builds upon rock.
When the storm comes the foolish builder's house is destroyed, whereas the wise builder's house has a firm & sturdy foundation, so it stays standing.
Well guess what - this story works in business as well.
Most interior designers start their business with the idea of being paid to do the creative work they love.
They pull together the basics - Name ✔️️ Website ✔️️ Bank account ✔️️
They spend quite a lot of time figuring out what title to give themselves.
They hopefully get a project or two. Then another and another.
They start making money and perhaps a bit of a name for themselves. It's all going brilliantly!
But then something changes.
New competitors emerge. Interest rates rise, tightening budgets and reducing demand. An unexpectedly large tax bill comes in and the money isn't there to pay it.
One day the business, that in the beginning held so much promise, starts to wobble.
Perhaps eventually - like the foolish builder's home - it collapses altogether.
Friends, there is a better way.
And I'm teaching it in my upcoming program, Aligned For Growth.
This 16 week LIVE group coaching program will give you the firm foundations and rock-solid confidence you need to construct an interior design business that's built to last.
The program is enrolling now and the first step is to book a business consultation with me, which you can do via the links in the program page.
On the call, we’ll discuss your needs and goals and see if you’re a good fit for the program (and if it’s a good fit for you too!) There’s no obligation when you book a call - my primary goal from these calls is that you get clarity and value from our time together.
Here's that link again to more information about Aligned For Growth and how you can book a free 45-minute business consultation with me.
I'm excited to speak to you!
With love,
Katy x


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