Amplify Your Efforts for Business Success in the Last Quarter

Nov 09, 2022

The last quarter of the year is the time where, if you’re on top of your business numbers, you’re either -
1) Celebrating that you’re ahead of where you aimed to be; or
2) Contemplating the prospect of ending the year falling short of your goal.
If it’s the latter then the chances are you’re sitting with some uncomfortable feelings of ‘not-enoughness’ whilst rationalising that it’s all because of the economy or the algorithm and you can probably make do if you pay yourself a bit less. 
STOP ✋🏻 
The year is far from over.
If you’re looking at your goal and starting to accept defeat then don’t.
⚡️Raise your energy⚡️
Be asking - 
➡️ What levers can I pull to bring more cash into the business in the last quarter?

What ideas do you have for a quick / inexpensive yet powerful promotion? An effective advertising campaign can be one of the most successful ways of generating a flood of new enquiries. 

➡️ How can I position myself in front of the right people and let them know who I am, what I do and how I can help them to generate some additional enquiries?

What can you be sharing on social media and sending out to your email list that will build that connection with your audience, let them know more about your work and the magical transformations you create for your clients, and encourage them to make an enquiry or buy one of your products or services?  

➡️ What services do I offer that are most likely to resonate at this time?

The holiday season presents a great opportunity as people are looking to spend money, decorate their space for events or parties, and get their home looking beautiful for the festive period.  What services can you offer that link to celebrations such as Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas and New Year?    

➡️ What will feel really fun for me to package, sell and deliver?

Within the festive season we have Black Friday which is a brilliant opportunity for time-limited offers or discounts.  I don’t ever recommend discounting your full service interior design, but what products or services do you have (or could you create?) that take little or no time to deliver and so could be discounted without you giving your time away at a loss?

➡️ What action can I take TODAY that demonstrates my belief that there are people out there who need my help - my job is simply to connect with them.

There will always be a reason to not take action. To get our head into a design and avoid the fear of getting ourselves out there or the worry that we will be judged.  But here’s the thing - your business will fly or falter depending on the committed action you take every single day to market and sell your services.  

Because the actions you take now aren’t only about the rest of this year - it’s about setting yourself up for success NEXT year. 
Remember - consistency and resilience beats talent every time. 
And you entering next year strong, despite the odds, depends to a large extent on the mindset you adopt and the action you take now. 
Your ability to run a successful business is completely related to your ability to regulate your thoughts, switch out defeatism for optimism, and always be asking questions of yourself that support you in raising up your energy and making every day in business count. 
And when you approach your marketing and selling from a place of excitement you are way more likely to attract people and opportunities to you. 
However -
If you’re still not clear on your positioning…
If you’re still entering client relationships with the balance of power tipped firmly in their favour…
If you’re stuck in pricing habits that keep you underpaid...
It’s time to take radical responsibility for your success and put changes in place that are going to support you.  Not only in improving your profitability, but in feeling empowered, in control of your time, and running your business like the leader you truly are. 


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