Your Audience Wants More Than Just Pretty Pictures

audience authentic marketing brand building interior design clients marketing marketing for interior designers personal brand showing up Mar 28, 2022

Right now I focus on two areas of marketing content for my business: Instagram and the regular emails I send out to my email subscribers.

I’m learning that the content people engage with the most tends to be where I’m giving updates on things that are happening behind-the-scenes, sharing what's going on in my life and business, or asking questions to get input on something - whether that's a new program I'm working on or something banal and chatty, like the weather. 

I wanted to share this with you because sometimes it's easy to think our marketing content should be nothing less than impeccably styled photos of our beautiful work, or only posting when we're doing something exciting.

But for content to move people from simply liking our designs, to actually being excited to invest in our services, it has to go beyond that.

Your audience wants to get to know you.

To feel a connection.

To know whether the way you design, think, deliver, and generally live your life, aligns with their values.

They don't just want 'perfect' - they want to know how you approach a problem, how you move through it and whether your ideas and solutions are going to be the ones they would want for their own space.

Note - this means showing up, even when things aren’t 'perfect'.

They want to know that you 'get them'.

That you are moved by the same things. 

That you would enjoy having a coffee together as much as you would enjoy working together. 

During the early stages of building your business, it's very common to want to play it safe -

"Be professional!"

"Make it magazine-worthy!"

"Don't be too you - clients only care about your designs!"

I get it (I experienced all this) - but here's the thing 👇🏻

Your ideal client will be prepared to pay a premium for your services when they can see the VALUE they are getting.  When they feel safe and secure, knowing that they are working with the right designer for them.

Part of this, of course, is the beautiful end result. But they also want to see -

💫  How you look after your clients.

💫  How you work with contractors, suppliers and your team.

💫  How you deal with the unexpected.

💫  How your personality and process shape the experience they would have of working with you.

By sharing more of what you do and how you do it, you’re giving your ideal client the opportunity to witness your process - the same process in which you’ll actively lead them should they choose to work with you.

It shows them why you’re someone they desire to work with, to invest in, to trust with their transformation.

Someone who does this brilliantly is Californian designer Amber Lewis - whose eclectic design approach and engaging, self-deprecating Instagram vibe, has earned her well over a million faithful followers and made her a household name.

While in the UK Sophie Paterson has garnered hundreds of thousands of followers by giving her audience a daily dose of behind-the-scenes in both life and business. 

Showing up with authenticity and the ability to forge a real connection with your audience requires asking yourself - Where am I holding back?  How can I bring myself more fully to my brand?  

You won’t be for everybody and that’s fine - people can unfollow and unsubscribe - but the people you connect to will love you because you’re really connecting with them.

If you're ready to show up powerfully in your marketing then head to the links below and come and say hi over on Instagram. My DMs are always open x



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