What I Wish I'd Known When I Started My Interior Design Business

What I Wish I'd Known When I Started My Interior Design Business

attracting dream clients charging your services managing interior design clients pricing Mar 28, 2022

Do you ever find yourself looking around at your more successful interior design peers and wondering who you can take for coffee and ask: "so how did you do it?"

When I started out in business I set up a lot of these conversations - I wanted hear how others had gone from zero to multiple 6-figure, or even 7-figure businesses.

➡️  I wanted to know how they charged their clients.

➡️  How they structured their team and delivery processes.

➡️  How they dealt with tricky clients and kept going even when things felt really tough.

Now I no longer run a studio but as a business and mindset coach to interior designers I am passionate about helping other designers go from under-booked & underpaid to consistently attracting dream clients, pricing for profitability, and growing their business without sacrificing their soul or their sanity.

That's why I created my FREE masterclass - The 5 Step Game Plan to Grow Your Interior Design Business.

I wanted to share the biggest learnings from my years in business and the shifts you need to make that will allow you to earn more money and create the freedom you've always dreamed of.

It's totally free and I guarantee will be some of the best time you've spent on your business:


 What I realised, after spending many years working in the interior design industry, is that some people would take off really fast, while others would flounder around - doing some decent projects, creating a pretty grid on Instagram, working with some nice clients - but struggling to get momentum and never paying themselves more than a basic wage.

And I realised there were a few things that differentiated those two groups of people. Once I recognised what those things were, I started applying them in my own business.  And that’s when I started moving faster. Growing my team. Scaling my income without scaling my costs. Creating profit that I could reinvest back into the business. 

Want to know what those things were?  Click the link below -


And let me know when you've watched the free training and if this resonated with you - my DMs are always open over on Instagram ❤️

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