The No 1 Lesson I've Learned From Growing A Business

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I know that growing your interior design business is a top priority for you.

I know you want the recognition, the income and the freedom that comes from working for yourself.⁠ ⁠

But here's the truth:

No amount of strategy will work if you can't:⁠ ⁠

a) Overcome your fears of your business 'not working out';⁠ ⁠ and⁠ ⁠

b) Cultivate the leadership mindset you need for success.⁠ ⁠

πŸ‘‰  Yes, you can throw some money at it and spend a fortune on a beautiful website, a brand film and a bunch of impeccably styled photoshoots...⁠ ⁠

πŸ‘‰  Likewise, you can post 'inspiring content' on Instagram every day...⁠ ⁠

πŸ‘‰  You can have a well-organised sample library and handsomely designed marketing materials to present to clients...⁠ ⁠

... But if you cannot overcome your fear of judgement, criticism or being able to deliver for your clients, then none of this stuff matters.⁠ ⁠

Friends, the No 1 Lesson I have learned from over 7 years running an interior design studio and many hours of coaching other interior designers on running their businesses is this -

If you're being held hostage to your fears you won't have the inner courage, the resourcefulness or the willingness to take the required action to grow your business.

You will keep holding yourself back, spinning your wheels, and sabotaging your chances of success.

If, however, you can learn to walk with your fear whilst taking committed action - you will see exponential growth in your business.

So how do you do that?  

1) Stop striving for perfection. There's no such thing as perfect and even if there was you don't want to waste your time trying to attain it when 'good enough' will move you forward so much faster.

2) Stop worrying what other people think of you. Most of the time we don’t actually know what other people think of us. We may have some ideas, but there’s a strong change we're wrong. But even if some people end up not liking you - you can't let yourself be held back worrying about this. As long as you live and do business with integrity - as long as you feel good about what you’re doing, when your actions are aligned with your values you won’t care so much whether others approve. 

3) Recognise that fear is only present when you're expanding out of your comfort zone. There's that great quote - 

There's no comfort in growth but there's no growth in the comfort zone.


So if you’re feeling the fear you must be doing something pretty amazing and expansive.

4) Recognise where you're being held back by old stories and proactively work to change the narrative to something that serves you. I'll give you some examples of stories I hear often:

"I'm not wealthy or well connected enough"

"No one in my family has ever had much money"

"I can't stop - I'm the one holding everything together"

"I'm not formally trained - I no one finds out"

This all comes down to worthiness - the extent to which you believe you’re good enough or deserving of the success you desire. 

We shackle ourselves to the old belief that success is for others, not us. Or that long hours and doing it all (perfectly) is the only way. But you don't achieve success by being weary, resentful and frustrated. 

So ask yourself -

What are some of the ways you're allowing old beliefs to hold you back? And how can you replace those beliefs with something more useful?

5) Remember that everyone started from zero and everyone feels the fear. What makes successful people different is that they move with it, rather than allowing it to hold them back.  So start with baby steps but take the first step and then the next and then keep on going. 

I'm cheering you x⁠


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