How to Get Better Interior Design Clients

attracting dream clients audience ideal client Jul 07, 2022

I could literally make millions if I charged $1 for every time I heard an interior designer say to me "I need better clients".

I get it, I really do - you don't want to be wasting your brilliant interior design talents on the wrong people, but consider this:

You say you want better clients but it’s not just about who they are.

It’s about who you are.

We all bring our past to our present:

👉🏻 The stories we’ve heard about money.

👉🏻 The hurt & outrage we felt as children when we were shouted at.

👉🏻 The fear that nothing less than perfection is required to avoid disappointment.

👉🏻 The belief that no matter what we do, we’re somehow not good enough.

These old stories & beliefs then create an imagined barrier in our mind between us and our clients:

Them: "I’m not sure about this colour..."
Us: "They think I’m no good at this"

Them: "I’d love to arrange a time to chat about your fee proposal..."
Us: "Oh god I never should have proposed that much, they think I’m not worth it. They’re probably right, I’m really not worth it"

Them: "I know you don’t agree with me on this but I really would prefer it to be this way"
Us [silently]: "You are the most demanding human on the planet. And you have zero taste."

We start to build up this narrative in our mind that our clients are all challenging & difficult.

But do you see how our response often has little to do with our client and A LOT to do with us and the old stuff we’re bringing to the relationship?

Next time you find yourself drowning in self doubt, or feel the frustration & outrage rising up inside you - PAUSE.

Ask yourself - is what I’m thinking really true? Or is it that I’m filtering their words through my own past experiences of fear & rejection? Is this making me interpret what they’re saying differently to how they actually mean it?

Self awareness is key ❤️️️️️️


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