Are You Leaving Money On The Table?

ideal client interior design interior design professionals marketing Mar 27, 2022

Do your ideal clients know what you're talking about?

No, seriously.

“Your home should tell your story.”

“Let us help your space reach its true potential....”

What does that actually mean?

If you ask any of my clients what it’s like to work with me, they’ll tell you that I'm all about getting to the essence of what your value proposition is.

Because one of the biggest mistakes I see interior design professionals make is using abstract language that may sound aspirational but leaves their ideal clients confused about WHAT they do, WHO they work with and HOW they actually create the transformation their clients desire.

That vagueness costs them money.

No one has time to trawl through fluffy marketing copy to work out whether you can help them.

When I encourage my clients to drill down, what often becomes clear is that they are actually unsure about HOW they deliver for their clients.

They know they’re good at what they do but they haven’t done the work to consider what it is that makes them unique.

The marketing promise is vague which is why the sales process feels heavy.

And there's no consistency to the service and delivery of the "promise", which is why at the end of the project some clients are happy, others are not.

The truth is - we need to know how to explain what we do and how we do it.

If this is resonating then it's okay - this is a great opportunity to take inventory and audit your messaging right now:

➡️  Is it clear what tangible benefits your clients get from working with you above any other designer?

➡️  What are you promising when people invest in your services?

➡️  How is this unique to you and your business?

Doing this work puts the spotlight on what makes you unique and why your ideal clients should hire you.  It's what separates you from all the other interior designers out there, and will be the difference between taking whatever projects come your way and being a well-positioned studio, confidently selective about who you will and will not take on as clients. 

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