Are You Leaving Money On The Table?

attracting dream clients core values ideal client interior design interior design professionals marketing marketing for interior designers positioning Mar 27, 2022

Do your ideal clients know what you're talking about?

No, seriously.

“Your home should tell your story.”

“Let us help your space reach its true potential....”

What does that actually mean?

If you ask any of my clients what it’s like to work with me, they’ll tell you that I'm all about getting to the essence of what your unique value proposition is.

Because one of the biggest mistakes I see interior design professionals make is using abstract language that may sound aspirational but leaves their ideal clients confused about WHAT they do, WHO they work with and HOW they actually create the transformation their clients desire.

That vagueness costs them money.

No one has the time or enthusiasm to trawl through fluffy marketing copy to work out whether you can help them.

When I encourage my clients to drill down, what often becomes clear is that they are actually unsure about how they deliver for their clients.

They know they’re good at what they do but they haven’t done the work to consider what it is that makes them unique.

The marketing promise is vague which is why selling feels heavy.

And there's no consistency to the service and delivery of the "promise", which is why at the end of the project some clients are happy, others are not.

We need to know how to explain what we do and how we do it.

This is about unpacking the values and principles you hold that differentiate you in the marketplace and communicating them to your ideal clients in a way that makes them take notice and feel a connection with you because of how you go about doing what you do.  Your decisions and behaviours. The way you communicate with a project team or look after your clients. 

If this is resonating then take this as an opportunity to pause and audit your messaging right now.

Ask yourself - 

➡️  When you had the spark of an idea for your business, what was it about the idea that lit you up and made it feel like something you needed to pursue?

➡️  How does the work you do serve others? Whose life is going to be better and how?

➡️  What do you do that others have commented "You're so brilliant at....X"

➡️  What do you know about yourself that for some may be a turn-off (for example "I can come across as bossy") but for others will be your super power (for example "She was so brilliant and firm in getting us to make decisions so that together we were able to keep the project moving and get the work finished faster".

➡️  Does your marketing make it clear what benefits your clients get from working with you above any other designer?

➡️  How is this unique to you and your business?

➡️  What are you promising when people invest in your services? Does this feel true to you?

➡️  How are you embodying this promise on a day-to-day basis?


Doing this work puts the spotlight on what makes you unique and why your ideal clients should hire you.  It's what separates you from all the other interior designers out there, and will be the difference between you having to take whatever projects come your way and being a well-positioned studio, confidently selective about who you will and will not take on as clients. 

When we list the features of our services - for example "You’ll get 2 moodboards and a full set of drawings" - of course this may be true and these details are important but it’s not why people will hire you. 

Think about the companies or brands you buy from. They’re often not the cheapest or even necessarily the best. If you had to explain why you buy from them over any of their competitors you might find it hard to explain. You give them your money because of why and how they do what they do. 

For example, Edward Bulmer Natural Paint could just be one in a sea of many paint companies. But they are different because they have clearly positioned themselves with the brilliant messaging "Colour With A Conscience" which captures their commitment to making natural, toxin-free paints and caring for the environment. 

Understanding the unique way you operate when you’re at your best - how you will approach and deliver your services - this is what will differentiate you in the marketplace. 

Communicate that clearly and instead of leaving money on the table, there becomes no limit to what you can charge the people who your message resonates with. 

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